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          Changzhou Tianma Group Co., Ltd (building two five three factory), founded in one nine six to 0 years, glass fiber production enterprises of China's earliest. Go up century sixty time metaphase, the company introduced advanced international unsaturated resin equipment and technology, and made China FRP industry precedent, the company has been the industry known as the cradle of China's glass steel industry. After 50 years of development, Tianma Group has formed with comprehensive functions of scientific research and development, production, marketing, personnel training, information services and other enterprises, is China's large output, quality, varieties, the product coverage of glass steel raw material base. As of the end of 2012, the total assets of the group company of nearly 800000000 yuan, the total number of employees 850 people, the direct management of the wholly-owned, holding company 4.
          Tianma Group to "the pursuit of excellence, create brilliant" as the core concept, the implementation of the "technology innovation", "innovation" and "talent thriving enterprise" strategy, has been formed with the chemical, glass fiber, composite plate three series of products, products widely used in automobile manufacturing, petroleum pipeline, environmental protection facilities, wind power equipment, ship, electrical, sanitary ware, building materials, decoration and other fields. The company has established a perfect marketing network in the international, domestic, the products are sold in 30 provinces and cities nationwide, and exported to the world more than 30 countries and regions.
          Tianma Group is a key high-tech enterprise of national torch plan, is China's glass fiber industry association, vice chairman of China Association of glass steel units and vice chairman of China Unsaturated Polyester Resin Industry Association unit, Jiangsu province has the FRP / composite materials engineering and technology center and the provincial technology center, has more than thirty patent products and 10 high-tech products. Chopped strand mat and geogrid products won the title of China famous brand products. The company has won the national "51" labor medal, the national building materials industry enterprises, the red flag national Shou contract re-credit enterprises, Jiangsu building materials industry pacesetter honor more than one hundred above the provincial level. The company is in Jiangsu Province, the industrial and commercial bank, construction bank credit rating to AAA, through ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality and environmental management system certification, Norway Classification Society (DNV) approval, China Classification Society (CCS) recognition and Chinese fishery inspection.
          In the development course of Tianma Group, the company always persist firmly in adherence to "create value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, create wealth for the community" business philosophy, based on innovation, focus on quality, integrity services. The company will make full use of regional advantages and talent advantages, high starting point to build industry, promote enterprise development by leaps and bounds, the Tianma group build China into a first-class FRP / composite materials R & D and manufacturing base.


          contact us

          Address: No.309 Huang Hai Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou City

          Postal Code: 213127

          Tel: 0086-0519-68193652

          Fax: 0086-0519-85204029



          Website: Http://www.panic-care.com

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